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Real-estate Agents with a caring professional approach

Real-estate Agents with a caring professional approach

I first met Andrew in 2012 when I purchased a property and we had exchanged and placed our initial Deposit. My partner at the time decided the house wasn't for her and wanted out of the Deal.

Andrew was understanding and displayed no animosity towards our decision just a caring professional attitude which impressed me. He gave us a full deposit refund.

I remained in contact and recommended Andrew to several friends who sold their homes through Andrew with great results and praise for his services.

This year after procrastinating over selling my home I contacted Andrew for advice he directed me down the path I needed to follow and I decided to list my home. Previously my home had been undervalued by another local agent who was commission and turnover driven.

I decided to use Andrew and Renee as my agents and the process has been a painless no bullshit professional approach. This Husband and wife team are a dynamic combination and brought me the best result I could have hoped for. Thanks again Guys

Craig Roberts

I could not recommend Renee and Andrew McKiernan highly enough.

I could not recommend Renee and Andrew McKiernan highly enough.

Renee and Andrew assisted me by marketing and selling my late mothers house. This was no doubt one of the most difficult times of my life and it would have been a much harder experience without their professionalism, skill, guidance and compassion.


Their approach from the very start instantly reduced my stress and anxieties, and their unwavering support continued throughout the entire process, marketing, sale and settlement period.


Renee and Andrew communicated extremely well. I was always kept up to speed with the campaign and was never left wondering what was happening. Initially I thought that an auction campaign would be too stressful, however Renee and Andrew eliminated all of the stress that they possibly could which gave me the opportunity to deal with the difficult loss.


A record price was obtained under the hammer, and I am certain that this would not have been possible without Renee & Andrew working tirelessly. Their buyer management & negotiation skills, along with the suggested marketing campaign and recommendations all played a crucial role throughout the process. There were many buyers registered at the auction when there was talk in the marketing of things ‘cooling off’. The buyers who missed out were obviously disappointed however I heard comments that they were also happy with the process- it’s not easy to keep everyone happy.


I am deeply grateful for having Renee and Andrew as my real estate agents. They honoured mum’s space, were so respectful to the family throughout the process and achieved an outstanding result.

Sincerely, Mary Davies

Mary Davies

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

Renee is a wonderful agent with excellent communication and general people skills.


Whilst we never met in person during the sales experience, it was evident that Renee is naturally bubbly, friendly and a genuine personality with great soft skills as well as industry knowledge and experience.


Renee's constant communication and attention to detail, and going the extra mile, made the selling experience an easy and stress-free one.

Pauline Blaxland


We engaged Andrew to sell our property. Not living in the area, it was difficult to decide on whom to select for this task. We engaged Andrew and Renee McKiernan primarily in the lead-up Renee provided great detail to us about the market, the area, their success rates and their confidence in the result that they could achieve. 

Andrew and Renee assisted us greatly with getting the property ready to sell and took the lead on many matters that may not normally be brief for agents. Again due to our distance away from the property this was essential. 

Andrew called consistently with feedback and always engaged us throughout the process. 

In relation to going above and beyond, during the sale process, Renee and Andrew gave birth to their 2nd child. At one point Renee called us from the hospital with an update. 
Most definitely going above and beyond. 

It was a pleasure to deal with Andrew and Renee

Jarrod J, 23 Kerr Street Charlestown

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